5 HP to 10 HP (Water Cooled)

  • 5 HP to 10 HP (Water Cooled)

5 HP to 10 HP (Water Cooled)

Petter type High Speed. Water Cooled & Air Cooled Diesel Engine & Pumpset 5HP to 10HP.

Type : Vertical, Single/Double/Tripple/Cylinder Air Cooled/Water Cooled, totally enclosed, compression ignition, four stroke cycle, cold starting diesel engine.

Combustion System : Direct injection in open type combustion chamber provided in an aluminum alloy piston crown in combination with long stem multihole nozzle, results in low fuel consumption and easy starting.

Fuel systems : Fuel is supplied to the fuel pump by gravity feed through an efficient paper element filter, fuel tank capacity 9 liters.

Lubrication : Force feed lubrication to main and large end bearing and camshaft bush. Other working parts are splash lubricated. A bypass filter is provided for cleaning the lubrication oil. Lub. oil sump capacity at higher level mark of dipstick.

Cooling : Engine cooling can be arranged by a run-through water system of radiator or cooling tank. In air cooled engine, engine is cooled by Breeze of air though streamline cooling.


Rotation : Standard rotation is clockwise looking at the fly wheel, Engine with reverse rotation can also be built against specific requirement.

Starting : The engine is designed for staring by hand.

Drive : Standard power take-off is from flywheel side. Power take-off from gear end at half-speed can be provided if specially ordered.

Standard Equipment : Starting handle, Exhaust silencer, Air cleaner and hand tools.