Air Cooled Generator Set

  • Air Cooled Generator Set

Air Cooled Generator Set

The STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS offers Generator Set with Water Cool, Air Cool and Blower Type diesel engine.
Single Phase as well as Three Phase diesel engines are manufactured and such powerful diesel engines vary as on 1 Cylinder or 2 Cylinders etc.
Body of these machines is made up of Aluminum and 100% Copper winding is there. Such diesel engines are specially designed and manufactured such that Farmers get less maintenance in low cost.

This is 1st Innovative compact DG Set, the pride of STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS.

Such compact DG Set is first of its kind - being portable as well as innovative and manufactured by STANDARD AGRO ENGINEERS.

It is a light weight generator set made up of Aluminum Body with Brush Less 50 cycle. The DG Set s single phase, light weight generator set. Weight of this machine is lower i.e. 90 KGs. While the diesel consumption is also comparatively low.
Single Phase
Brush Less. 50 Cycles
U.P.F. Condenser Type
Aluminum Die Cast Body
Light Weight: 90KG
100% Copper Winding
Low Maintenance
2.5 220 1 2.5 3000 50 5 W/C 2400
2.5 220 1 2.5 3000 50 5 A/C 2400