Lister Diesel Engine - 16 HP

  • Lister Diesel Engine - 16 HP

Lister Diesel Engine - 16 HP

Vertical Diesel Engine is rated on the effective horse power at engine crankshaft on a maximum load for continuous running. Each engine is tested as per IS : 111170 to give continuous rating.

Cooling : Engine Cooling is efficiently handled by run-through water supply. A radiator or a cooling tank could also be provided if required.

Rotation : Standard rotation is clockwise, facing flywheel keeping exhaust on the left hand side.

Fuel Injection Equipment : MICO (Bosch) or USHA Fuel Injection Equipment or equivalent.

Cylinder Liner : The Cylinder liner is Hard Chrome Plated.

Air cleaner : Oil bath type Air Cleaner is Provided to clean incoming air. Use of clean air increases the life of Cylinder liner.

Standard Equipments : Pulley, Spanner, set, Screw Driver, Oiler, Starting Handle, Air Cleaner, Silencer, Fuel Tank, Tool Bag Instrunction Manual and Hose Nipple.

Description Single Cylinder, Vertical, Four Stroke, Water Cooled, Fitted With Tapper Roller Bearing.
Rated Power 11.76 K.W. / 16HP
Rated Speed 1000 RPM
Type TRB / LOP / CWB
Bore 130.0 MM
Stroke 160 MM
Cubic Capacity 2.123 Ltrs. (1849 CC)
Bumping Clearance 1.5 - 2.5 MM
Fuel Specification High Speed Diesel
Fuel Injection Pressure 190 - 210 KG/CM2
Specific Fuel Consumption 244 G/KWH
Lubrication Oil Consumption 5 G/KWH On Full Load
Sump Capacity of Oil 5 Liters
Lubrication Oil Specification SAE 30/40
Mechanical Efficiency 80% Assumed
Air Valve Tappet Clearance 0.25 - 0.50 MM
Exhaust Valve Tappet Clearance 0.65 - 0.85 MM
Compression Ratio 18:1
Foundation Hole Center Distance 13 X 13 Inch (330 X 330 MM)
Alternator Capacity 12 KVA