Lister Diesel Engine - 20/2HP

  • Lister Diesel Engine - 20/2HP

Lister Diesel Engine - 20/2HP

Vertical Diesel Engine is rated on the effective horse power at engine crankshaft on a maximum load for continuous running. Each engine is tested as per IS : 111170 to give continuous rating.

Cooling : Engine Cooling is efficiently handled by run-through water supply. A radiator or a cooling tank could also be provided if required.

Rotation : Standard rotation is clockwise, facing flywheel keeping exhaust on the left hand side.

Fuel Injection Equipment : MICO (Bosch) or USHA Fuel Injection Equipment or equivalent.

Cylinder Liner : The Cylinder liner is Hard Chrome Plated.

Air cleaner : Oil bath type Air Cleaner is Provided to clean incoming air. Use of clean air increases the life of Cylinder liner.

Standard Equipments : Pulley, Spanner, set, Screw Driver, Oiler, Starting Handle, Air Cleaner, Silencer, Fuel Tank, Tool Bag Instrunction Manual and Hose Nipple.